What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is a simply portrait collection of the couple before the wedding.


Someone use the pictures for remember to the guests the wedding, like Save the Date or for to print to give at wedding.

First: Choose the location together (the street in a city, at sea, country), the day for shooting and the time. We need two hours before sunrise (we suggest)


We working through a set of pre-chosen poses if you are embarrassed in front the lens, later you will have confidence with me and you’ll play without problem to the end of the session.

I want to see how do you move together. I won’t have you do anything that doesn’t feel natural to you. You can take a walk. I might instruct you to talk to each other  and  how you make laugh, what is your reaction with the other and the natural way you move, so that the emotions are really yours.

What should you wear? You must be at ease. If you prefer jeans and t-shirt or elegant dress. Don’t feel like you have to dress a certain way and you’re wearing something that represents who you are. It is important that your clothing should match your partner and they are well together to prevent one wearing something elegant and the other sportswear.